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Why Art is important for Children.

Why Art?

Art is very important for our children and greatly benefits them in a variety of ways. Art has been shown to improve the development of a child’s motor skills, language development, decision making, cultural awareness, and encourages neural connections. Exploration through art encourages children to try new ideas in other areas of life, leading to the formation of well-rounded personalities and self esteem, which sparks further creativity and imagination.

Children are curious from an early age about their environment and how they fit in the world around them by exploring, observing and imitating. By encouraging children’s interest in art it helps them to develop motor skills to hold a paint brush, a crayon, and to learn concepts like size, shape, spatial reasoning. Language skills develop with active listening,and talking about art helps them gain more fluency with new vocabulary, expanding their vocal range.

Nurturing your child’s creativity helps them develop mentally, and boosts self- confidence.  By giving children a creative outlet for artistic pursuits it encourages artistic expression that helps fascilitate learning and new ways of thinking. Art is an important vehicle for emotion that allows children to work through ideas and problem solving by experimenting with different materials and making mistakes.

Art appreciation is not just a recognition of well known artists. It is introducing children to a new way of seeing. It helps them to become more aware of other’s point of view, visual expression and imagery around them.

This way of learning about art through parents engaging interactively helps children to engage in activities that develop a range of skills from emotional, social and cognitive skills.

In our technological age where everything is at a click of a button, it does not allow children to observe and take their time to enjoy the beauty in an artwork. That was one of the reasons for creating art4kids gallery. So parents and children could select a favourite artwork that inspired a story or an understanding of the living world. The idea that a treasured picture would hold memories of childhood and time spent together is invaluable .

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