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What can parents do to encourage creativity?

“ Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential.” – Jean Vant Hul

By enriching your child’s experience and helping them explore different art practices and mediums, you enable  them to find a safe space to escape our busy world. Children immersed in the act of creating are able to open their minds to other possibilities and find solutions to challenges in other areas of life.

Ways Art can help children;

1. To make sense of our thoughts

2. To connect with our feelings

3. To explore our internal mind

4. To encourage play, stimulate our imagination

5. To relax , quieten our minds, aid concentration

6. To relieve stress, reduce anxiety

7. To help develop self awareness

8. To build confidence and self-esteem

9. To express what is hard to put into words

There are many art activities that help empower your children – Make them available for them!

* keep a wide range of art supplies available, from pencils, crayons, paints and other age appropriate materials

* Have an art station with an easel blackboard so your children can be creative when they feel inspired.

* Provide a wide range of choices – chalks, play dough, unexpected materials like dry pasta, beans,

* Always appreciate your child’s creativity by displaying their art work or keeping it in a special place.

* Always ask open -ended questions like “ tell me about your picture”

* Let them experiment , make a mess , use their imagination- its all part of the creative process.

* Look out for books that teaches children about artists and styles of art, for example Matisse, an artist who made cut paper a new and exciting medium to work in.

“ The expert in anything was once a beginner” – Helen Hayes

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