Works of art for kids?

Works of art for kids achieve several aims in education and stimulation of the young imagination.  We learn by seeing things every day and questions about the world we live in are valuable to answer as the child grows.  If a parent puts up the Woodlands Theme then the child will learn to recognise animal life and ask questions that parent know the answer to.

simple b&w colouring-in book from panels derived from the poster

sells for £8 – costs about £1 or less


captain cyan



A3 foamboard £30

A2 foamboard £40

A1 foamboard £65

A0 foamboard £115


if you buy the b/w illustration colouring-in book and the poster together, pay postage and packing once



A0 £55

A1 £40

A2 £25


Canvas print

40 x 30 inch £160

30 x 20 inch £120


postage and packing £4

delivery = usually within 48 hours