new pages

The site itself is well designed because the work is brilliant and the site design therefore does not need to be overly decorative but be a strong framework so the content renders well. In the past we have been concerned about the wrong thing: the “design of the site”. Nothing is wrong with the basic design – is the the over thinking of the presentation that is not supporting the efforts to simply present the work, i.e we have made a self defeating design.

These new pages are works in progress which we can quickly and easily change. Let’s look at them as a more flexible way to present works, attract people to an ever changing site: it must of course be maintained by someone and I will run a 2 hour session on Saturday each week that is required to train on site maintenance – it is not complicated but if we post stuff regularly and keep it fresh – then it will support social networking, groups, etc.

First of all we have to understand the journey of a new work:

1. Fiona creates a cut paper or painting
2. Nicholas will prepare it for printing and post a web image in the Media library and makes the Gallery canvas range
3. We make a range of products at Printful
4. Each product is something new that can be featured in POSTS that LINK to the Product
5. Each POST can be shared in social media
6. Each POST has a Featured Image: and a category – the active categories are listed on the Home page
7. Each PRODUCT can be shared in social media
8. Deep links in social media bring people into the site

These steps provide multiple opportunities for product and gallery exposure and targets for advertising.

The new pages are designed to work on mobile, tablet and desktop and utilise Fiona’s designs but in a way that should work better.

0/ Home page – can be set to any of these pages. I suggest the inspirations page is a better home page as it will change often and leads into NEW articles and products
this is the first draft of the new home page

1/ (new) inspirations page
New Inspriation Page

2/ (improved) shop page
New Shop Page

3/ (faster) gallery pages
Gallery home page

3a/ gallery animations page or pages linked to the gallery page