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Art created for children

“Art awakens the imagination and allows the magic in.“

A Creative spark to ignite your child’s imagination and creativity through art and design printed products.

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Lion Cubs
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next arrow was inspired by a creative spark to ignite your child’s imagination, creativity and childhood adventures through art and visual storytelling. Art4kids offers a range of beautiful canvas prints, safe to hang foam-backed prints and affordable posters as well as art designed products. Keep up with the latest updates, Check out the Shop to find gifts, or browse the Gallery.

The artist, Fiona Scott-Wilson creates and designs artworks specifically for children’s bedrooms and playrooms that visually stimulates by decorating your child’s surroundings with colourful, unique and fun designs for their living and play space.

Artworks that range from whimsical enchantment to encouraging children to learn about the living world and lets their imagination run wild and free.

Let us help you to create a bespoke nursery, playroom, a big boy’s room, a big girl’s room with a themed story and colour palette of your choice, making a magical environment for your child that’s bright, fun and educational. You can talk to the artist Fiona Scott-Wilson about your ideas.

Art4kids offers parents the opportunity to choose an artwork from our growing gallery, from wall art that establishes your child’s room’s theme. Playful and colourful themed designs are created through the eyes of a child to inspire a sense of wonder and encourage dreams of an “awfully big adventure” from the magical kingdom to woodland themes.

We give parents the choice to choose artworks that create and encourage personalised story-telling that also nurtures your child’s love of art, design, pattern and colour. Kids need more art! The importance of art for kids teaches them creativity, inspiration, motivation, compassion, encouragement, attention, nature, love, balance, patience, self, expression.

The Art4kids product range is specifically designed for kids.

We use cutting-edge printing technology to create our child-inspired designs on a range of products from themed cushions and pillows that compliment the wall art to mugs, teeshirts, tote bags, backpacks and gym bags.

For parents, grandparents, godparents looking for a special gift offers a bright, colourful, bold collection of designed accessories and easy to hang wall art.

Browse our diverse range of designs in the gallery and product range for enchanting and interesting special gifts to give to your little loved-ones and inspire and excite their imagination with treasures of childhood memories to keep.

For more about the artist – Fiona Scott-Wilson see her innovative cut paper works, paintings and ink illustrations in her other Gallery.