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Cat and mouse toy

Cat and mouse toy is a simple, graphic black and white image with a touch of vibrant pink, designed for the older child who likes simplicity of design with a hint of quirkyness. A bright, crisp image to enhance a big girls room with a wall hanging or a fun cushion and boys who like pink! The design is available on other products. Just ask the artist!

“ It’s good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new weird way”.
Tim Burton

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Stripey socks flamingos

Children love to paint, and draw from their imagination, they are not constrained by convention or as adults see things, so a blue cow, or a five legged horse is fine in their world.

Stripey socks flamingos was designed with this in mind, to tap into a child’s imagination and sense of the unusual. A vibrant, pink, fun design bringing a sense of humour and colour into your child’s playroom or bedroom. Even little boys like pink!

“ It took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child”
Pablo Picasso

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Nautical bears

Papa polar bear takes his little son out sailing to go fishing for big juicy fish for lunch.
They are wearing warm nautical stripy jumpers because its cold where they live.

A simple, bright, bold design that would enhance a nautical themed bedroom or playroom for little boys dreaming of sailing adventures.

“ A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others”.
Salvador Dali

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Hands at Work Video

Many of the works on this site by artist Fiona Scott-Wilson use an unusual medium. That is “cut-paper”, in the style of the French artist Matisse.

Here is a video of Fiona’s hands at work, making a cut-paper “painting”.