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Why Art is important for Children.

Why Art?

Art is very important for our children and greatly benefits them in a variety of ways. Art has been shown to improve the development of a child’s motor skills, language development, decision making, cultural awareness, and encourages neural connections. Exploration through art encourages children to try new ideas in other areas of life, leading to the formation of well-rounded personalities and self esteem, which sparks further creativity and imagination.

Children are curious from an early age about their environment and how they fit in the world around them by exploring, observing and imitating. By encouraging children’s interest in art it helps them to develop motor skills to hold a paint brush, a crayon, and to learn concepts like size, shape, spatial reasoning. Language skills develop with active listening,and talking about art helps them gain more fluency with new vocabulary, expanding their vocal range.

Nurturing your child’s creativity helps them develop mentally, and boosts self- confidence.  By giving children a creative outlet for artistic pursuits it encourages artistic expression that helps fascilitate learning and new ways of thinking. Art is an important vehicle for emotion that allows children to work through ideas and problem solving by experimenting with different materials and making mistakes.

Art appreciation is not just a recognition of well known artists. It is introducing children to a new way of seeing. It helps them to become more aware of other’s point of view, visual expression and imagery around them.

This way of learning about art through parents engaging interactively helps children to engage in activities that develop a range of skills from emotional, social and cognitive skills.

In our technological age where everything is at a click of a button, it does not allow children to observe and take their time to enjoy the beauty in an artwork. That was one of the reasons for creating art4kids gallery. So parents and children could select a favourite artwork that inspired a story or an understanding of the living world. The idea that a treasured picture would hold memories of childhood and time spent together is invaluable .

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How Art4kids was created…..

What inspired the creation of Art4kids?

A spark of creative inspiration hit me when my first grandchild was born and my son asked me to create a large wall art to decorate her bedroom when she was an inquisitive two-year-old, full of wide-eyed wonder. As an artist, I wanted to design something special for my granddaughter and hoped to encourage a love of art as it is an important part of a child’s personal development.

My granddaughter Felicity loves creatures and my son suggested that I designed a jungle scene with lots of different animals so that her Daddy and Mummy could tell her stories about them and how they lived. I wanted the artwork to be a fun, visual stimulus as well as education about the natural world. Telling stories every night to children is how they learn about their world and Felicity and my second granddaughter Florence has had a story every night, they are both very bright, happy, sociable little girls who love hearing stories and never tire of hearing the same ones again and again!

This was the seed behind the idea. To create original, brightly coloured works of art that I hope would encourage parents to tell their children stories around the picture. I also wanted to nurture a desire for children to treasure a picture as a childhood memory, that grows with them as their understanding of the living world grew. I also think that it’s never too early to instill a love of art and design in your child, they will become the next generation of art collectors! was born and continues to evolve from the initial idea of a simple art gallery to creating the Three Worlds of: Creatures, Adventure, and Imagination. We hope they will inspire, excite and encourage children to nurture a sense of fascination in the world of creatures, a thrill for trying new adventures and a sense of wonderous belief in the magic of imagination.

By designing a themed room for your little ones it is a good way of creating a favourite and fun environment for children to grow and learn. We would suggest a wall art and perhaps a matching cushion or pillow, for example, Pirate Jim or Toys Take Tea.

Now, art4kids is growing and evolving to include many new ideas and have recently created child inspired designs from the three galleries on a range of products.

Bespoke Nameplates, as a unique gift for your child, based around your child’s name, favourite colours, and other precious things are now also available. This is a personalised gift and I would be delighted to talk with you about a commission.

Have a Look in the shop for fun gift ideas for your little ones!

I still believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden!

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Cat and mouse toy

Cat and mouse toy is a simple, graphic black and white image with a touch of vibrant pink, designed for the older child who likes simplicity of design with a hint of quirkyness. A bright, crisp image to enhance a big girls room with a wall hanging or a fun cushion and boys who like pink! The design is available on other products. Just ask the artist!

“ It’s good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new weird way”.
Tim Burton

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Stripey socks flamingos

Children love to paint, and draw from their imagination, they are not constrained by convention or as adults see things, so a blue cow, or a five legged horse is fine in their world.

Stripey socks flamingos was designed with this in mind, to tap into a child’s imagination and sense of the unusual. A vibrant, pink, fun design bringing a sense of humour and colour into your child’s playroom or bedroom. Even little boys like pink!

“ It took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child”
Pablo Picasso

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Nautical bears

Papa polar bear takes his little son out sailing to go fishing for big juicy fish for lunch.
They are wearing warm nautical stripy jumpers because its cold where they live.

A simple, bright, bold design that would enhance a nautical themed bedroom or playroom for little boys dreaming of sailing adventures.

“ A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others”.
Salvador Dali