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Art for Kids

We create art that kids like.  The images on this site are by a real artist who produces fun and colourful work that very young children to young children can relate to, big colourful animals, lots of smiling and fun, days at the beach, holidays, balloons and parties… the galleries of works are available in several formats.  Kids – if you like our work share it on your Facebook page or you can download our special images for your tablet, desktop or gallery.

Parents if you think your baby would like to see forest creatures every morning, get a large scale landscape print.

Easy lightweight prints that come in multiple sizes.  The Foam Backed prints are easily hung without damaging walls, we recommend Command Strips for this.

Instructions on how to wall mount without damaging paintwork* or wallpaper using Command Strips.

You can order a set here (medium and small), or here (small only)

Here is a video that shows you how to use the hanging strip method.

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* recently painted surfaces may not have fully set and you should probably wait at least a week after painting the nursery before using our recommended method of hanging.